Body Armour For Door Staff In The UK

Body Armour For Door Staff In The UK

Working the job of a doorman (also referred to as a bouncer), you’re always susceptible to an attack by a dangerous assailant. The doorman can be either somebody who works in a high-profile organisation that follows a strict code and conduct (i.e. government, or a lower-class organisation (i.e. a bar or club) that doesn’t follow many procedures. This is one of the riskiest occupations that one can be involved in actually.

While you’ll hear of a lot of doormen today being on active duty without any sort of body armour application (whether it’s company policy or not), it’s always the safest bet to have protection. Characteristically, a doorman will not be permitted to carry a firearm or any kind of weapon while on duty either; this could be for fear that an assailant could get ahold of that weapon and use it. Most security organisations will not refuse the wearing of body armour by their employees (especially if it can be hidden under the dress.) Nobody should have the right to jeopardise someone else’s safety.

Many people may think of a doorman as a mean and hulky guy who seems to be indestructible, but the reality is that anybody can be taken down. The next thing to being invincible is having the best body armour available for the job. The job of a doorman requires constant contact with many nondescript individuals throughout the day. The doorman is always in close contact with any and most of these individuals. The ability to communicate and show a little compassion to people can always help in diffusing a situation before it gets out of hand, but what if good people skills don’t work with a very distressed individual?

Ballistic Type Threats

A ballistic vest can come with both standard protection from firearm projectiles and stab attacks, but not all of them can go both ways as well. The stab vest is specially designed to stop attacks from a commercial blade and any sharp-edged instrument that could cause bodily harm. For club and bar doorman, the addition of metal detectors can ensure that an individual isn’t carrying a firearm or commercially crafted blade, but what about makeshift weapons made of non-metal materials? In the U.K., there are gradually more stabbing incidents taken by doorman. A simple but lethal weapon can be crafted from an object such as a toothbrush. 

Edged Blade Type Threats

Judging by the specific threats that are being faced in recent times, many doormen decide to go with the certified stab vest. Classified in multiple threat levels, 1,2, and 3, a doorman is sure to have legitimate protection against any kind of stabbing instrument that can be fashioned. These levels will repel impact energies of 24-, 33- and 43 joules, allowing no more than 7mm of penetration into the fabric of the vest. The multiple layers of the stab vest are not only durable for years of undaunted protection, but they also offer maximum wearability. A doorman will need this for extended hours of standing.

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