Soldiers in Camouflage Against Wall - SafeGuard Armour
Discover how soldiers use color and pattern to blend in with their environment in military combat. Learn the secrets behind visual deception that helps them hide from enemies for hours. Find out how technology is changing the game for camouflage. Read on to learn more.
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Ballistic Plates Summary
The most common type of bulletproof vest you’ll see worn by bodyguards or patrol officers are the lower level types (Level IIA, II, IIIA), or what is collectively called soft body armour. Soft body armour is made from multiple layers...
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Body Armour Materials & Technology
Materials The materials utilised in constructing bulletproof vests’ ballistic panels vary widely from manufacturer to manufacturer. Before being sold, all body armour must pass specific tests, meaning that these diverse materials should provide the same levels of minimum threat resistance....
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